Carbon-Fibre and Kevlar silencers - 00

Ruger 10-22 takedown - over-barrel silencer - 19

 Left: Carbon-Fibre Evolution II silencer

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Right: Ruger 10/22 takedown with Evolution II over-barrel silencer.





Right: Click photo to open Gary’s project page in new tab, of complete over-barrel silencer on his Ruger 10/22.


Video below: Current Ruger EvolutionII suppressor. (Note: I am shooting at a target only 5 mtrs away, and the noise of the projectile hitting the target is louder than the shot itself. It is also important to know that my patented sideways venting muzzle-brake will enhance accuracy, and it also distributes around 5dB of noise sideways at the suppressor – making it this amount louder for the shooter than my standard suppressors, but this same amount quieter downrange, and also further camouflages your hunting position.)

Right: I can thread your 10/22 barrel, remove the front sight barrel band and polish your barrel to a better than factory finish!



Left: Ported muzzle and custom graphix on a customer’s Ruger 10/22 Evolution silencer. 



Right: Modified 10/22 with suppressor project for a customer.

 We worked together to design an over-barrel suppressor to the specs and desired results of the customer. In this case – optimal noise suppression, anodizing to ascent the color(s) of the stock, and with added features of custom external venting muzzle-brake and etched graphix.


Left: Desire’ requested this colour combination anodizing on her suppressor, with koru design muzzle-break and flower graphic.

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Right: A customer’s Ruger 10/22 Evolution over-barrel silencer.



Left: Ruger Evolution-II custom end-mounted suppressor.  

View my latest range of Custom Ruger 10/22 Evolution Silencers – custom made and anodized to the color(s) and style of your custom 10/22, end-mounted, over-barrel, external muzzle-brake – AND with custom etched graphic. 

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Left: My own Ruger Evolution project.






My custom suppressors are guaranteed to improve accuracy. 



 Right: Custom end-mounted suppressor with external muzzle-brake.




Left: Custom external muzzle-brake, anodized finish and etched text: Ruger 10/22,



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Left: Julie, a customer – asked me to make her a special suppressor for her 10/22. Project #1056.



Right: Specs from a Ruger Evolution II over-barrel suppressor I designed and built. Standard length Ruger 10/22 barrels.

 I designed this suppressor to be mounted on any threaded barrel (with sight band removed). Once suppressor is mounted on rifle barrel, there are two retainers underneath the suppressor that can be undone, the suppressor body rotated to align graphix at TDC and then re-tightened.  

Left: The finished project. Project #1057.


Right: Matte finished suppressor with blue muzzle.




Left: Blue anodized muzzle




Right: Green anodized muzzle.




Call back soon for updated photos and specs. 




Threading Ruger 10/22


Right: Rifle barrel with front sight removed.



Left: Front barrel sight band removed.






Right: Barrel tip turned ready for threading. 




Left: Threaded 1/2″ unf x 20 tpi.




Right: Barrel threading finished, with custom fitted thread protector.