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Sub-Silent Suppressors | Ruger Evolution 10/22 & SR22 (AR15.22lr) Silencers & Projects

Ruger LogoUpdate: Due to such an interest in the Ruger SR22 (10/22 AR15), I have updated this page to include projects and photos of the SR22.

The Ruger 10/22 is arguably the most popular rim-fire that is also very easy to modify and upgrade with what is probably the most after-market range of accessories.  I have owned literally dozens of these rifles over the decades, in a wide range of different models and configurations, including the take-down, my custom tactical take-down (one of my favorite), Boyd’s Evolution stocks, SR-22, wooden and synthetic stock models too.

Video Below: My own SR22 / Ruger AR15-10/22 purpose built for possum shooting. Ruger 10-22 SR22 - 01

I’ve been wanting to make a custom tactical/target style semi-auto in rim-fire, just so that I can keep practicing my shooting in an area where a center-fire semi would be far too loud. I originally was just going to mount an Archangel stock on a standard 10/22, but having done so – felt it was just too boring and common. So – I decided to make a tactical take-down instead. Click photo below to open project in new tab.

Archangel Ruger Take-Down 10-22 - 33

Below: One of my own 10/22’s with Boyd’s Evolution Stock, carbon-fibre barrel that I made, carbon-fibre rifle-scope sun-shield extension and custom silencer finished in splash anodizing, carbon-fibre and over-barrel ported shroud. This is a beautifully accurate and lightweight rifle kit.


Rossi Take-Down - 12

Right: If you like customoized 10/22’s, you might also like my Rossi single shot hammer action rifle, with interchangeable .22lr and .410 center-fire barrels. In the configuration to the right, it could be connected to 4G video link and remote activation from anywhere where there is cell phone reception. However, that would be dangerous, stupid and illegal.

Click photo to right, to enter my Rossi project page in new tab.  

I have restored, modified and silenced so many customer’s 10/22’s – that I have lost count! Just a few examples are below.

Divider - 01

Below: 10/22 Wasp end-mounted muzzle-brake. I started this project with specs supplied by the customer to make a short compact over-barrel silencer, but half-way through he emailed me a photo of a muzzle-brake with recessed/concave muzzle, and asked to change the design and construction, basically turning it into a muzzle-brake. As most of the internal suppression chambers were replaced by the recessed muzzle unit, it therefore offered little noise suppression – which I explained to the custom who didn’t seem to understand… However, it looks mint, which is what the custom wanted. 


Rabbit shot with 10-22




My apologies if this photo upsets anyone. I am fortunate enough to have a couple of local vineyards where the owners ask me to do regular pest control. This bunny was taken (2007) with my Ruger 10/22 and very effective silencer at 65mtrs, straight into the heart. Instant kill – after the normal somersault.




Below: A nice custom over-barrel silencer for a customer’s 10/22, with custom splash anodizing and graphics.

Michael - 10-22 custom over-barrel suppressor - 05

Below: I worked with this customer to get him the exact silencer he requested for his 10/22 project. He emailed me a drawing of what he wanted, with specs etc., and I was able to make exactly what he wanted.

David 10-22 silencer

Below: 10/22 over-barrel silencer with ported over-barrel shroud and side-ways venting air-stripper

Rim-fire over-barrel ported shroud - 23

Below: SR22 and Anschutz over-barrel silencersPageLines- ThomasARAnshultzover-barrelsilencers-18.jpg

Below: carbon-fibre full over-barrel silencer  Ian. Ruger 10-22 Carbon-Fibre Full Over-Barrel Silencer - 06

Below: Rifle kitted, Weaver rails, Cree torches, red-dot tactical scope, pods and custom carbon-fibre over-barrel suppressor.

Ruger SR22 Carbon-Fibre Over-Barrel Silencer - 17

Below: A nicely balanced rife that is accurate and a joy to shoot.

Ruger SR22 Carbon-Fibre Over-Barrel Silencer - 16

 Below:  I wanted to make the muzzle compatible with the Ruger Red Logo.

Ruger SR22 Carbon-Fibre Over-Barrel Silencer - 06

Below: End-mounted ‘Dragon Slayer’ silencer
Dragon-Slayer .22lr End-Mounted Silencer = 01

Below: End-mounted slim-line silencer with side-ways venting muzzle-brake / air-stripperEvolution II Silencer - 04Below: Half over-barrel silencer 34mm diameter. I love this ‘traditional’ look with its clean sharp lines
Martin 10-22 Ruger Over-Barrel Silencer - 04

Below: Over-barrel silencer with classic stock and appealJustin. Ruger 10-22 over-barrel silencer - 06

Below: A very nice end-mounted silencer

Rim-Fire Custom Silencer - 36

Below: Over-barrel silencer 
Clayton - Ruger 10-22 over-barrel silencer - 03

Below: Carbon-fibre over-barrel silencer with custom portings both ends

Sean - Ruger 10-22 Camo-Stock -  Over-Barrel Silencer - 12

Below: End-mounted silencer

Neoprene cover 7mm08 over-barrel compact suppressor

Below: 10/22 silencer with ported muzzleDavid - custom rim-fire silencer - 23

Below: Full over-barrel silencer anodized on nice laminated stockGary - Rugger 10-22 complete over-barrel silencer - 11

Below: Stainless 10/22 with matching over-barrel silencer

Tim - Ruger carbine over-barrel suppressor - 10

Tim - Ruger carbine over-barrel suppressor - 08

Below: 10/22 over-barrel silencer with ported shroud

Ruger 10-22 takedown - over-barrel silencer - 17

Below: SR22 over-barrel silencer (AR15 Clone)Thomas AR & Anshultz over-barrel silencers - 20

Below: 10/22 silencer units ready for assemblyRuger 10-22 takedown - over-barrel silencer - 08

 Below: Photo provided by customer of her 10/22 with custom over-barrel silencer and matching muzzle-brake in anodized black/red

Tracy - custom 10-22 silencer - 11

Tracy - custom 10-22 silencer - 07

Tracy - custom 10-22 silencer - 04

Below: Another project where a customer emailed me a hand-drawing of what he wanted, to have it look like a WW1 German hand-grenadeSean - Ruger 10-22 Camo-Stock -  Over-Barrel Silencer - 14

Below: A very compact end-mounted silencerSean - 2x Ruger 10-22 Over-Barrel Silencers - 02

Ruger 10-22 Takedown Over-Barrel Silencer ULTIMATE - 03

Below: 10/22 take-down with full over-barrel silencerRuger 10-22 Take-Down FULL Over-Barrel Silencer - 03

Below: 10/22 take-down with over-barrel silencer and ported shroudRuger 10-22 takedown - over-barrel silencer - 18

Below: My own take-downRuger 10-22 takedown - over-barrel silencer - 12

Below: 10/22 sparrow

Ruger 10-22 Sparrow - 10

Ruger 10-22 Sparrow - 07

Ruger 10-22 custom made suppressor - 05

Rowan - 10-22 over-barrel suppressor - 04

Rex - Ruger 10-22 and WMR suppressor - 04

Below: Another design sent to me by a customer, and made into an identical end-mounted silencer for his 10/22Mitch 10-22 over-barrel suppressor - 09

Below: This custom project was with one of the largest diameter 10/22 barrels I have seen, and made an over-barrel silencerKevin 10-22 bull-barrel over-barrel silencer - 06

Ruger Evolution II Custom suppressor - 02

Below: Anodized over-barrel silencer

Alan - Ruger SR22 Over-Barrel Silencer - 12

Below: Carbon-Fibre over-barrel silencer SR22 AR15 10/22

Ruger SR22 Carbon-Fibre Over-Barrel Silencer - 27

This is the synthetic muzzle of a carbon-fibre silencer I made. Muzzle is ported and fully threaded / take apart.

Ruger SR22 Carbon-Fibre Over-Barrel Silencer - 21

Below: I can make SR22 silencers to be ‘half over-barrel’ where it fits just inside the existing ported shroud, and still allows you to use the bidpod/sling stud, or full over-barrel to the breech. Ruger SR22 Carbon-Fibre Over-Barrel Silencer - 17

Ruger SR22 Carbon-Fibre Over-Barrel Silencer - 15

Below: My own SR22, fitted with rubber-coated 3-9×40 for longer range shooting than offered by the Tactical 2x scope in photos below. This silencer is designed for optimal noise suppression, and is incredibly quiet, without porting the barrel.

Ruger 10-22 Takedown Over-Barrel Silencer ULTIMATE - 05