Robert Ruger 10-22 & Norinco 7.69x23 - 27Welcome. There are no strangers here, only friends I haven’t met.

I’d encourage you to have a good look around my website so that you get to know more about myself and the products and services I am able to offer.

Have a read of the short ‘history’ under the Prices/Contact tab above, as you will learn how and why I started this hobby, what motivates me, and why – despite all the challenges of making every suppressor individually and unique – I still have a relentless passion for engineering and all related skills.

I am constantly learning and seeking to improve my skills and abilities, and you will see this improvement and progression as you have a look through my customer’s pages above. You might also want to enter your favourite rifle or calibre into my website search engine, where you will then find a list of the latest several projects that match your search, or just email me and I will do a search through my complete database and email you heaps of examples and options.

.17 .22-Magnum End-Mounted Silencer - 05One of the biggest improvements has been since I no longer use any casual workers to help with some of the more mundane tasks (meaning that now I alone work on every part of your project – and have much better quality control as a result), and then in April 2014 when I upgraded much of my engineering equipment and machinery and offer a precision dedicated barrel threading lathe, as well as a fully threaded and take-apart design and construction for both rim-fire and center-fire suppressors, accuracy certificate, as well as retaining my ‘one-piece’ suppression system made from one piece of solid rod that is more suitable to rapid fire semi-auto center-fire weapons.

PageLines- AR15CustomOver-BarrelSilencer-01.jpg

What all of the above means, is that I can make your suppressor exactly the way you want, whether you want it unique and special, or just plain and functional.

Either way, I will make this an enjoyable and rewarding experience! Don’t worry if you don’t understand all the options. I will make it super easy and clear :0)


Cheers, Rev. Rog <*}}}><

The video below shows perfectly why I would NEVER shoot a center-fire rifle again without it being suppressed. (Shooting a customer’s 30-06 rifle with custom over-barrel suppressor I had just made.)

 Below are a few of my favourite more recent projects, which will give you a good idea of some of the services and skills I am able to offer.

Below: Steve asked that I shorten, thread and re-crown the barrel on his prized Tikka T3 .223, and make a carbon-fibre over-barrel suppressor. Click photo to enter Steve’s project in a new tab, with his feedback. 

Steven - Tikka T3 .223 Barrel Shortening & Over-Barrel Suppressor - 06

Below: Rob asked me to do some restoration work on his Ruger 10/22 and make an end-mounted suppressor for his AK47 threaded 14x1mm LHT (reverse thread). Click photo to enter page in new tab.

Robert Ruger 10-22 & Norinco 7.69x23 - 21

  Below: I just like this photo, of Ross’ end-mounted silencer with ported muzzle and slotted side-ways venting muzzle-brake. Click photo to enter project in new tab. 

Ross 10-22 end-mounted silencer - 08

    Below: Having invested significantly into new machinery and equipment, I am now able to offer a fully threaded suppressor assembly option. While this allows the suppressor to be fully take-apart, the reality is that a lathe is (ideally) required for reassembly of the suppressor due to the high amount of internal suppression chambers and correct alignment. I offer a free ‘return to base’ cleaning service. It is advisable not to clean the suppression chambers, as when a layer of residue collects within the chambers, this acts further as sound deadening and your suppressor will actually work better once this occurs. 

Rob P. Rossi .22lr & .410 over-barrel suppressors - 04

 Below: Just having some fun making an HMR silencer :0) Click photo to enter project page in new tab.    

.17 HMR end-mounted silencer - 20

      Below: having some fun with a Makarov. Click photo to enter project page in new tab.

MP-654K Polished Silver - 004

  Below: William’s AR Blackout in .300 Cal, over-barrel suppressor with barrel isolating tube. Click photo to enter William’s project page in new tab. 

William AR15 Black-Out Over-Barrel Suppressor - 23

 Below: I am normally so busy with customer’s orders that I don’t have time just to have fun and ‘play’. However, in-between orders, I have begun something quite special :0) Click photo to enter project page in new tab.  For this project I will show the entire process, from solid rod and tube, through to anodizing and assembly. I know I am a little unusual, but I love making these pieces so much, that I will often keep them in my pocket for the rest of the day. I just enjoy the shape and finish on them so much!  

Rim-Fire Custom Silencer - 17

 Below: A nice pair of carbon-fibre over-barrel suppressors for Nick (Project #1321). Top rifle is .243 with fluted barrel and suppressor barrel isolating sleeve, bottom rifle is 7mm08. Click photo to enter page in new tab. 7mm08 and .243 carbon-fibre over-barrel suppressors - 01

Below: My own QB79 project – starting its life as a CO2 powered rifle reaching around 500 fps. Amongst a whole lot of mods, I have converted it to PCP reaching over 1,000 fps. Rifle is now classed as a fire-arm under New Zealand law. It is extremely powerful, accurate and quiet. Click photo below to visit page of this build and specs. (Will open in new tab).   

QB79 - 22

 Below: My new range of Ruger 10/22 take-down full over-barrel silencers, with turned, ported and threaded barrels. Available in anodized alloy, carbon-fibre and kevlar. 

Ruger 10-22 Take-Down FULL Over-Barrel Silencer - 10

Well, I finally purchased a milling machine. Welcome to my new range of fluted silencers, suppressors, muzzle-brakes, over-barrel shrouds and rifle-scope sun-shields. This is going to be heaps of fun!!!

Fluted Suppressor Range - LOGO

Below: Mark (Project #1289) asked me to design and make a custom muzzle-brake for his SR-22.

Mark SR-22 Carbon-Fibre Over-Barrel Silencer - 10

Below: My Anschutz MRS RX22 kitted.

Anshutz MSR RX22 - Carbon-Fibre Over-Barrel Silencer - 29

 Below: My Ruger RS-22 kitted.

Ruger SR22 Carbon-Fibre Over-Barrel Silencer - 35

Below: Rob asked me to assist with a restoration project on his SKS that he first had as a teenager, including carbon-fibre over-barrel suppressor. Engineering project is #1237. Click photo to enter project in a new tab.  

Rob sks 7.69 over-barrel suppressor - 16

  Below: Two mufflers for a customer’s RC Nitro engines.

Simon. RC Nitro Exhaust Mufflers - 07

Below: Some fun with splash anodizing a rim-fire silencer

Blood Splatter Rim-Fire - 03

  Below: AR15 and Anschutz over-barrel suppressors.

PageLines- ThomasARAnshultzover-barrelsilencers-18.jpg

 Below: Ported muzzle, side-ways venting air-stripper and anodizing on a Ruger 10/22 takedown over-barrel silencer.

Ruger 10-22 takedown - over-barrel silencer - 13

 Below: Brush anodizing and ported muzzle on a rim-fire HMR .22 Magnum silencer.

Quad-Splash magnum suppressor - 08

 Below: Brushed anodized, side-ways venting air-stripper and ported muzzle.

Rim-Fire Brushed with Muzzle-Brake - 09

 Below: Ar15 over-barrel suppressor with ported muzzle.

Adam - Ruger Mini-30 over-barrel suppressor - 09

 Below: Dragon graphic etched into AR15 over-barrel suppressor.

Leroy - AR15 .223 over-barrel - 08

Below: Skull and flames etched into end-mounted suppressor.

Tademe end-mounted rimfire - 04

Below: Two toned fade anodizing on customer’s CZ over-barrel silencer. 

Alan .17 HMR - 03

 Below: Pink Boyds Evolution stock, 10/22 hardware, with custom over-barrel silencer and scope sun-shade.

Fi - 10-22 over-barrel silencer and sun-shield - 05

 Below: Beautiful Type II fade anodizing, side-ways venting air-stripper and ported muzzle. It was raining in the photo.

Tracy - custom 10-22 silencer - 08

 Below: Special ordered custom silencer for customer’s 10/22 with Boyds stock.

David 10-22 silencer

 Below: Custom Type II anodizing and etched graphic in .308 over-barrel suppressor.

Custom anodized graphix - over-barrel suppressor 30-06

 Below: Customer’s PCP air-rifle with over-barrel suppressor.

Ross - 1377 over-barrel suppressor - 02

 Below: Ruger 10/22 full over-barrel silencer with ported barrel.

Gary - Rugger 10-22 complete over-barrel silencer - 11

  Below: Ar15 over-barrel suppressor .223.

Mike - AR15 over-barrel suppressor - 07

 Below: Custom deer graphic on a customer’s center-fire over-barrel suppressor.

Paul - Ruger Mini 14 custom over-barrel suppressor - 13