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Sub-Silent Suppressors | custom rimfire, centerfire, CO2 and PCP silencers, suppressors and moderators. Ruger 10/22 Bullet Comparison Chart

 Welcome. There are no strangers here. Only friends who haven’t yet met :0)

Gareth AK47 762.39 - 06Rifle ReflectionThank you for your helpful and constructive feed-back that has resulted in me investing significantly in upgrading both my machinery (from April 2014), design and construction! I now only use a Precision Dedicated Barrel Threading Lathe, offer new Design and Construction options – for rim-fire and center-fire – where the Silencer Body and End Units are Threaded Together with Multiple Internal Suppression Chambers (up to 30+) or one piece internal suppression chambers made from solid rod – for center-fire rapid fire semi’s, and also providing an Accuracy Certificate with each ‘tested’ suppressor.

Above right: An excellent AK47 project and service after over 300 Tracers and 5oo rounds. click photo to enter project in new tab.0054

Above left: An early morning pest eradication on a friend’s farm around this pond.  Rifle at top is my BSA Scorpion PCP .22 @ 1050fps, the bottom rifle is my Savage MKII .22lr with laminated thumb-hole stock. Both rifles are VERY quiet and accurate.

 – —   ———– The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary, is just that little extra ———-   — –

Below is a selection of some of my favorite projects.

I’ve been wanting to make a custom tactical/target style semi-auto in rim-fire, just so that I can keep practicing my shooting in an area where a center-fire semi would be far too loud. I originally was just going to mount an Archangel stock on a standard 10/22, but having done so – felt it was just too boring and common. So – I decided to make a tactical take-down instead. Click photo below to open project in new tab.

Archangel Ruger Take-Down 10-22 - 33

Below: Sam has asked me to make the smallest effective muzzle-brake for his 22-250 center-fire. This was a new design construction, and very effective. Click photo to enter page in new tab.

Sam - Papoose and 22-250 Suppressors - 20

Below: I’ve made several suppressors for Sam over the years, and he normally likes them as small and compact as possible. The latest project was his AR15 .300 Cal Blackout. Click photo to enter project in new tab.

Sam - Papoose and 22-250 Suppressors - 30

Below: I love the different mediums and materials of carbon-fibre, alloy, ceramic and anodizing, and wanted to make something very special, that works even better than it looks. Click photo to enter project in new page.

Collage Photo - 01

Below: Some nice custom anodizing and graphics on Brent’s 22-250. Click photo to enter page in new tab.

Brent. Ruger 22-250 Over-Barrel Suppressor - 12

Below: I always like to have one of my own projects on the go, as I work with customers to design and complete their own projects. For the last few months I’ve been playing with some ideas for my AR15 .223. I’ve made the suppressor with carbon-fibre wrap – to match the shoulder stock, but also have done some cool custom anodizing and hand-etched graphics that can be seen if the carbon-fibre sleeve is removed. Note: Machine-gun string of bullets is for display only, although it is actually quite easy to adapt any AR15 to full auto. Click photo below to enter project in new tab.

AR15 - Carbon-Fibre - 33

Below: Introducing my new range of Custom airsoft Silencers, Muzzle-Brakes and Threaded Barrel Adapters – all fully custom anodized in the color scheme to match your gun or club motto. Below is an absolutely beautiful M&P compact pistol silencer project. Click photo below to enter project in new tab.


Below: Some of my fav photos.

My own suppressor, on my AR15

AR15 - Carbon-Fibre - 06

AR15 - Carbon-Fibre - 02

Below: H&K 6mm GGBUMP - 05

Below: My AR15 EGB full autoAR15 Air-Soft - 03

Below: Pure fun! Not my photo, but I have a 2250 stripped and on the way to looking exactly like this.  Updates to follow. Crosman 2250 Pistol - 13

Below: AR15

Rob - 10-22 Over-Barrel Silencer  - 10

Adam AK47 Over-Barrel Suppressor - 08

Below: My Benjamin Nitro .177 air-rifle at 1,000 fps+ with lead. The Nitro power-plant is a perfect alternative to the much more expensive PCP or .22lr rim-fire, is legal and safe to shoot in your back yard, and you do not need a FAL if over 18 y/o.

Crosman Nitro Venon - 18

Below: Marlin PapooseMarlin Papoose - 22

Below: 7mm08

Steven - Tikka T3 .223 Barrel Shortening & Over-Barrel Suppressor - 06

Below: Two of my Rossi take-down rifles, one in .22lr and the other .410Rob P. Rossi .22lr & .410 over-barrel suppressors - 25

Below: Marlin .22lr semiJoe - Magtech carbon-fibre over-barrel silencer - 05

Below: Baikal Makarov MP-654K. I can make a full range of rifled and hardened barrels, silencers and muzzle-brakes.

MP-654K Pistol and Muzzle-Brake - 06

Below Two carbon-fibre over-barrel suppressors, .243 & 7mm08

7mm08 and .243 carbon-fibre over-barrel suppressors - 01


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