To all my valued customers, friends and shooting/hunting community – here in New Zealand and all around the world.

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Wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful and restful holiday and Christmas season, and a new year that brings you prosperity, love and security.

From my family to yours,  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Rev Rog <*}}}><

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Welcome. There are no strangers here. Only friends who haven’t yet met :0)

Below: Introducing my new range of  “Stinger Scorpion” Custom Airsoft  Silencers, Muzzle-Brakes and Threaded Barrel Adapters – all fully custom anodized in the color scheme to match your gun or club motto.  Below is an absolutely beautiful example –  M&P compact pistol silencer project. Click photo below to enter my Airsoft Stinger Silencer project page in new tab.


Photo below:  I’ve worked with Sam on several suppressor projects over the years, as well as selling him my complete Rossi .22lr /.410 custom take-down rifle and kit.  Sam has now asked that I thread his Thompson – Springfield .22-250 and make a mini-suppressor/muzzle-brake. Click photo to enter project in new tab.

Sam - Papoose and 22-250 Suppressors - 20

Below: Sam was so impressed with the muzzle-brake I made him above, that he asked me to make a compact over-barrel suppressor for his AR15 .300 cal Blackout  to replace the ‘other brand’ suppressor that was way too large and bulky.  Click photo to enter project in new tab.

Sam - Papoose and 22-250 Suppressors - 30

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Gareth AK47 762.39 - 06Rifle ReflectionThank you for your helpful and constructive feed-back that has resulted in me investing significantly in upgrading both my machinery (from April 2014), design and construction! I now only use a Precision Dedicated Barrel Threading Lathe, offer new Design and Construction options – for rim-fire and center-fire – where the Silencer Body and End Units are Threaded Together with Multiple Internal Suppression Chambers (up to 30+) or one piece internal suppression chambers made from solid rod – for center-fire rapid fire semi’s, and also providing an Accuracy Certificate with each ‘tested’ suppressor.

Left: An early morning pest eradication on a friend’s farm around this pond.  Rifle at top is my BSA Scorpian PCP .22 @ 1050fps, the bottom rifle is my Savage MKII .22lr with lamanated thumb-hole stock. Both rifles are VERY quiet and accurate.

Robert Ruger 10-22 & Norinco 7.69x23 - 27

I’d encourage you to have a good look around my website so that you get to know more about myself and the products and services I am able to offer.

Have a read of my journey under the “About” tab above, as you will learn how and why I started this hobby, what motivates me, and why – despite all the challenges of making every suppressor individually and unique – I still have a relentless passion for engineering and all related skills.

I am constantly learning and seeking to improve my skills and abilities, and you will see this improvement and progression as you have a look through my customer’s pages above. You might also want to enter your favourite rifle or calibre into my website search engine, where you will then find a list of the latest several projects that match your search, or just email me and I will do a search through my complete database and email you heaps of examples and options.

.17 .22-Magnum End-Mounted Silencer - 05One of the biggest improvements has been since I no longer use any casual workers to help with some of the more mundane tasks (meaning that now I alone work on every part of your project – and have much better quality control as a result), and then in April 2014 when I upgraded much of my engineering equipment and machinery and offer a precision dedicated barrel threading lathe, as well as a fully threaded and take-apart design and construction for both rim-fire and center-fire suppressors, accuracy certificate, as well as retaining my ‘one-piece’ suppression system made from one piece of solid rod that is more suitable to rapid fire semi-auto center-fire weapons.

PageLines- AR15CustomOver-BarrelSilencer-01.jpg

What all of the above means, is that I can make your suppressor exactly the way you want, whether you want it unique and special, or just plain and functional.

Either way, I will make this an enjoyable and rewarding experience! Don’t worry if you don’t understand all the options. I will make it super easy and clear :0)


Cheers, Rev. Rog <*}}}><

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 Below are a few of my favourite more recent projects, which will give you a good idea of some of the services and skills I am able to offer.

Below: I’d made this carbon-fibre suppressor for Gareth’s AK47 chambered in 762×39 some time ago, and it has performed flawlessly with over 300 tracers and around 500 standard rounds through it. Bringing his .308 M14 for me to make a carbon-fibre suppressor, Gareth just bought his AK along to show me some of the mods he’s done to the rifle, and to say how well the suppressor functions. Click photo to enter Gareth’s page in new tab.

Gareth AK47 762.39 - 03

Below: Steve asked that I shorten, thread and re-crown the barrel on his prized Tikka T3 .223, and make a carbon-fibre over-barrel suppressor. Click photo to enter Steve’s project in a new tab, with his feedback.

Steven - Tikka T3 .223 Barrel Shortening & Over-Barrel Suppressor - 06

Below: Rob asked me to do some restoration work on his Ruger 10/22 and make an end-mounted suppressor for his AK47 threaded 14x1mm LHT (reverse thread). Click photo to enter page in new tab.

Robert Ruger 10-22 & Norinco 7.69x23 - 21

  Below: I just like this photo, of Ross’ end-mounted silencer with ported muzzle and slotted side-ways venting muzzle-brake. Click photo to enter project in new tab.

Ross 10-22 end-mounted silencer - 08

    Below: Having invested significantly into new machinery and equipment, I am now able to offer a fully threaded suppressor assembly option. While this allows the suppressor to be fully take-apart, the reality is that a lathe is (ideally) required for reassembly of the suppressor due to the high amount of internal suppression chambers and correct alignment. I offer a free ‘return to base’ cleaning service. It is advisable not to clean the suppression chambers, as when a layer of residue collects within the chambers, this acts further as sound deadening and your suppressor will actually work better once this occurs.

Rob P. Rossi .22lr & .410 over-barrel suppressors - 04

 Below: Just having some fun making an HMR silencer :0) Click photo to enter project page in new tab.

.17 HMR end-mounted silencer - 20

      Below: having some fun with a Makarov. Click photo to enter project page in new tab.

MP-654K Polished Silver - 004

  Below: William’s AR Blackout in .300 Cal, over-barrel suppressor with barrel isolating tube. Click photo to enter William’s project page in new tab.

William AR15 Black-Out Over-Barrel Suppressor - 23

 Below: I am normally so busy with customer’s orders that I don’t have time just to have fun and ‘play’. However, in-between orders, I have begun something quite special :0) Click photo to enter project page in new tab.  For this project I will show the entire process, from solid rod and tube, through to anodizing and assembly. I know I am a little unusual, but I love making these pieces so much, that I will often keep them in my pocket for the rest of the day. I just enjoy the shape and finish on them so much!

Rim-Fire Custom Silencer - 17

 Below: A nice pair of carbon-fibre over-barrel suppressors for Nick (Project #1321). Top rifle is .243 with fluted barrel and suppressor barrel isolating sleeve, bottom rifle is 7mm08. Click photo to enter page in new tab. 7mm08 and .243 carbon-fibre over-barrel suppressors - 01

Below: My own QB79 project – starting its life as a CO2 powered rifle reaching around 500 fps. Amongst a whole lot of mods, I have converted it to PCP reaching over 1,000 fps. Rifle is now classed as a fire-arm under New Zealand law. It is extremely powerful, accurate and quiet. Click photo below to visit page of this build and specs. (Will open in new tab).

QB79 - 22

 Below: My new range of Ruger 10/22 take-down full over-barrel silencers, with turned, ported and threaded barrels. Available in anodized alloy, carbon-fibre and kevlar.

Ruger 10-22 Take-Down FULL Over-Barrel Silencer - 10

Well, I finally purchased a milling machine. Welcome to my new range of fluted silencers, suppressors, muzzle-brakes, over-barrel shrouds and rifle-scope sun-shields. This is going to be heaps of fun!!!

Fluted Suppressor Range - LOGO

Below: Mark (Project #1289) asked me to design and make a custom muzzle-brake for his SR-22.

Mark SR-22 Carbon-Fibre Over-Barrel Silencer - 10

Below: My Anschutz MRS RX22 kitted.

Anshutz MSR RX22 - Carbon-Fibre Over-Barrel Silencer - 29

 Below: My Ruger RS-22 kitted.

Ruger SR22 Carbon-Fibre Over-Barrel Silencer - 35

Below: Rob asked me to assist with a restoration project on his SKS that he first had as a teenager, including carbon-fibre over-barrel suppressor. Engineering project is #1237. Click photo to enter project in a new tab.

Rob sks 7.69 over-barrel suppressor - 16

  Below: Two mufflers for a customer’s RC Nitro engines.

Simon. RC Nitro Exhaust Mufflers - 07

Below: Some fun with splash anodizing a rim-fire silencer

Blood Splatter Rim-Fire - 03

  Below: AR15 and Anschutz over-barrel suppressors.

PageLines- ThomasARAnshultzover-barrelsilencers-18.jpg

 Below: Ported muzzle, side-ways venting air-stripper and anodizing on a Ruger 10/22 takedown over-barrel silencer.

Ruger 10-22 takedown - over-barrel silencer - 13

 Below: Brush anodizing and ported muzzle on a rim-fire HMR .22 Magnum silencer.

Quad-Splash magnum suppressor - 08

 Below: Brushed anodized, side-ways venting air-stripper and ported muzzle.

Rim-Fire Brushed with Muzzle-Brake - 09

 Below: Ar15 over-barrel suppressor with ported muzzle.

Adam - Ruger Mini-30 over-barrel suppressor - 09

 Below: Dragon graphic etched into AR15 over-barrel suppressor.

Leroy - AR15 .223 over-barrel - 08

Below: Skull and flames etched into end-mounted suppressor.

Tademe end-mounted rimfire - 04

Below: Two toned fade anodizing on customer’s CZ over-barrel silencer.

Alan .17 HMR - 03

 Below: Pink Boyds Evolution stock, 10/22 hardware, with custom over-barrel silencer and scope sun-shade.

Fi - 10-22 over-barrel silencer and sun-shield - 05

 Below: Beautiful Type II fade anodizing, side-ways venting air-stripper and ported muzzle. It was raining in the photo.

Tracy - custom 10-22 silencer - 08

 Below: Special ordered custom silencer for customer’s 10/22 with Boyds stock.

David 10-22 silencer

 Below: Custom Type II anodizing and etched graphic in .308 over-barrel suppressor.

Custom anodized graphix - over-barrel suppressor 30-06

 Below: Customer’s PCP air-rifle with over-barrel suppressor.

Ross - 1377 over-barrel suppressor - 02

 Below: Ruger 10/22 full over-barrel silencer with ported barrel.

Gary - Rugger 10-22 complete over-barrel silencer - 11

  Below: Ar15 over-barrel suppressor .223.

Mike - AR15 over-barrel suppressor - 07

 Below: Custom deer graphic on a customer’s center-fire over-barrel suppressor.

Paul - Ruger Mini 14 custom over-barrel suppressor - 13