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Welcome to New Zealand, and to my website 

The video below shows perfectly why I would NEVER shoot a center-fire rifle again without it being suppressed. (Shooting a customer’s 30-06 rifle with custom over-barrel suppressor I had just made.)


You might notice the custom ‘stand’ that I use to display my finished Projects. Part of the reason for this, is it allows me to find and adjust the before and after center of balance for each rifle, keeping it to the original balance. 


Website is fully interactive. Click photos to enter pages and/or enlarge.

  To be honest, I never intended on making custom suppressors to sell. I just wanted to make something that was different to the others available in hunting shops, so I started making my own – for my own rifles (Rim-fire, Center-fire, PCP, CO2 & Springer).


People soon asked me to make one for them, and it just hasn’t stopped since then, having now made over 1,000 custom suppressor projects.  




My motivation to make custom suppressors wasn’t to make money, it was just as an outlet for my creativity, and as a bit of stress relief.


Also, I just keep making them because people keep asking me to – and because I enjoy the challenge, skill and reward of sharing this passion with fellow shooters and hunters.



 So, take a break – make yourself a cuppa, enjoy my website – and I look forward to receiving your inquiry so that together we can design a custom suppressor suited to your personality, rifle, caliber and desired results.


Left: An example of my special effect anodizing results. I call this effect Nebulas (Google image it )  Click photo to enlarge, and then a zoom feature is also available. Suppressor is a customer’s .223 over-barrel, effect located nearest to rifle stock.


 Right: One of my own rifle kits, a Rossi single-shop combo with rim-fire and center-fire interchangeable barrels.  To read of my first hunt/shoot with this excellent rifle, enter the key words ‘Rossi’ into the site search engine top right.





 Left: Philip sent me his score sheet, showing grouping unsuppressed and then his suppressed  Tikka 7mm-08.



Left: Just one of my latest custom graphix – permanently fused into your suppressor body.

Right: You-Choose Custom Suppressor options. Note: Sideways venting muzzle-brake is not recommend within my center-fire caliber suppressors, as it counteracts the purpose of the suppressor and noise reduction, and are designed to enhance accuracy within rim-fire silencers only.





Left: Click photo to enter center-fire suppressor cut-away – showing internal working, as well as graphics, matte or mirror finish, knurling and over-barrel porting.


Video Below: I had a bit of fun designing and making this center-fire suppressor with Matrix suppression system. Yes, the spikes really are sharp!  My skills are seen in the beautiful and hard-wearing finish of this suppressor – being MilSpec TypeII  fade-anodized.


Video: A customer bought this really nice Norinco, and asked that I make him an equally nice end-mounted suppressor. Specs:  34mm diameter. 250mm length. Hand-grip portion. Sealed unit. 20 internal suppression ports. Threaded 1/2′ unf x 20 tpi. Tapered towards barrel. Ported muzzle. Inbuilt Koru muzzle-brake. Anodized in deep black fading to green at the muzzle-end.

Video below: I went goat shooting with my son David and his father in-law Graham. This was a great opportunity for me to take my .223 and custom carbon-fiber end-mounted suppressor with Matrix internals that I recently made. Video compares my suppressed .223 with Graham’s unsuppressed .22mag. Video taken on my iPhone.

Please note that my custom rim-fire silencer with inbuilt muzzle-brake has been previously registered with the New Zealand Government Intellectual Property Services as PATENT PENDING. Lapsed 2010.