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Sub-Silent Suppressors | Shotgun Suppressors .410

The .410 shotgun is a very versatile gun, with a wide range of cartridges and loads, for pest birds, possums and rabbits. Even solid slugs are able to be used for close range shooting of larger pests. The Rossi .410 .22lr combo with interchangeable barrels is among my most favourite of survival/take-down rifles.

It’s important to understand that the .410 shotgun works best suppressed when using sub-sonic ammunition, and standard/hypers/magnum rounds will be around 35 to 50% louder, even suppressed. This is because the sonic crack occurs when the ‘shot/bb’s” or projectile overtakes its own sound at around 5 mtrs in front of the barrel, and no suppressor can remove this. See video below for an example of  how I easily and quickly reduce the load of magnum cartridges to sub-sonic. 


 Below: A few of my .410 projects, this first one I made for Vaughan’s young son, with shortened stock, shortened barrel and compact/lightweight over-barrel suppressor (just over 300 grams). 

Vaughan .410 shotgun over-barrel suppressor - 08

 Below: A nice .410 carbon-fibre over-barrel suppressor with weaver rail and scope mounted on the receiver. 

.410 Cartridges Re-loaded - 19Below: Anodized over-barrel suppressor on a single shot .410.

.410 Cartridges Re-loaded - 18Below: Pump action .410 with compact over-barrel suppressor. 

.410 Cartridges Re-loaded - 17

Below: Custom graphics and hand-made alloy bead on a customer’s .410..410 Cartridges Re-loaded - 16

Below: Nice clean lines on a customer’s .410 project. .410 Cartridges Re-loaded - 15

Below: .410 compact suppressor with 150mm over-barrel segment. .410 Cartridges Re-loaded - 12Below: A nice single shot .410 suppressed..410 Cartridges Re-loaded - 14Below: .410 compact over-barrel suppressor with traditional wood stock. 

.410 Cartridges Re-loaded - 11Below: My own Rossi (top) in .22lr configuration, with customer’s .410 below. 

.410 Cartridges Re-loaded - 10

.410 Cartridges Re-loaded - 09Below: This customer wanted maximum noise suppression and didn’t mind having the suppressor a bit longer to accomplish this. .410 Cartridges Re-loaded - 13

.410 Cartridges Re-loaded - 08