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Warning: Copyright Law. NZ Copyright Act 1994: Although openly shared and published - all products, designs and modifications on this site are protected by  NZ copyright law, especially and exclusively Sub-Silent Suppressors with INBUILT MUZZLE BRAKE - & Deci-Damp sound deadener: March 2008:


Important Note:   Using hypervelocity ammunition with this Suppressor/Muzzle Brake might actually result in a louder immediate/close range result due to the excess noise/sonic crack being vented sideways or towards the shooter - rather than forward and away with suppressor alone. However, this will actually result in a quieter result down range - where your prey is. It should also result in a steadier shot with less recoil.



Suppressor Plans & Prices



Initial C.A.D. drawings/plans for my first suppressor.  Click drawing to download.

200mm x35mm Large Custom Suppressor Sealed Unit $150   Plus P&P $15

Large Custom Suppressor Sealed Unit Muzzle Brake $175   Plus P&P $15

Large Custom Suppressor Removable Baffle $350   Plus P&P $15

Large Custom Suppressor Removable Baffle Muzzle Brake $375   Plus P&P $15

Note: These larger suppressors give the best noise suppression. For even better results - the suppression chamber can be packed with steel wool and FOOD GRADE grease. Special noise dampening sprays are also an option. Some people even spray water into the suppressor. WARNING: Do NOT use any flammable or combustible material or fluids inside a suppressor!

Photos to right:

Variations of the Large Custom Removable Baffle Suppressor









Initial C.A.D. drawings/plans for my budget suppressor - Maintenance, care and cleaning instructions.

Click drawing to download.

Price on these suppressors $35. Variations $45   Plus P&P $5.50

Note: These Slimline suppressors are ideal for use with tube fed or open sight rifles.











Initial C.A.D. drawings/plans for my Slimline Suppressor with Muzzle Brake.

Price on this suppressor $44.95   Plus P&P $5.50



Variations $54.95   Plus P&P $5.50


Note: Incorporating a Muzzle Brake in this suppressor allows any excess noise/sonic crack to be dispelled at right angles from the suppressor instead of forward towards your prey. This will result in a louder experience for the shooter compared to using a suppressor alone. However, it will result in less noise being directed towards your prey/down-range. It will also result in less recoil and a more stable shot.



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