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Latest PCP Suppressor R & D


Update February 2010 - My PCP suppressor internal kits are now made from an entirely different internal material and design from my Rim-Fire suppressors.


Don't ever put a Rim-Fire suppressor on your expensive PCP rifle or pistol - they simply will not work properly.


My goal is to produce the quietest PCP suppressors available world-wide. I am constantly researching and developing both my design and non-metal material to construct my suppressor internal kits. My goal is at least 90% noise reduction on my non-muzzle-brake design.


All my PCP suppressors are tested on my own BSA .22 PCPs - Hornet & Sportsman HV. I purposely choose these beautiful rifles as from my research it is amongst the most powerful and loudest of all PCP's.


I am running mine at 242 bar or 3400psi, and just under sonic at 1100fps.




My favorite rifle in all my collection is my PCP. They are amazing rifles - with more than enough power and extremely accurate. Thing is, that they are also very expensive.

You can pay from $1500 to over $3500 for the base rifle, and then you need to purchase a Dive Tank to charge it from - costing another $350 and then a fill-adapter that costs another $250!


I fully support any law change in New Zealand to require owners of PCPs and other high powered air rifles to hold a current Firearms License.

My own .22 PCP is just as powerful as my .22 firearms.


Springer Suppressors


I have made many suppressors for spring powered rifles and pistols.


What you need to understand about spring powered rifles, is that around 90% of the noise is from the spring mechanism - that cannot be suppressed or silenced.


You will need to first have your barrel threaded - which I can easily do. Adding a suppressor to your rifle will also make it easier to cock - as the suppressor extends out from the barrel - giving you a better pivot and easier cocking/breaking. However, there is a lot of pressure on the suppressor, and for that reason I will only make full over-barrel suppressors for spring powered rifles. I can also wrap your barrel in sound deadening - further adding to the noise suppression.



So - while the effects of a spring powered suppressor are mainly aesthetic (for looks) - they certainly look mint - especially with one of my patent pending built muzzle-brakes!



Photo to right: I made an over-barrel suppressor for Jeff's Gamo spring powered rifle. Here is his email:


Hey Rog
I just managed to get out for a quick walk around, first time out since I got my suppressor. I am stoked with it, it looks mean and there is a noticeable reduction in sound (20-30%??), especially at night when there is little background noise. Here is a pic of the rifle with a rabbit from tonight if you look close you can see the entry wound just in front of the ear.






Photo to right: Kent bought an Industry .177 springer - at 1000fps. This would have to be the largest, heaviest, most powerful and loud spring powered rifles I have ever worked on!  Understanding that around 90% of noise is in the spring mechanism and can't be suppressed, Kent asked me to thread his barrel and make a custom over-barrel suppressor with custom hand-grip to make it easier to cock, and inbuilt muzzle-brake.














Dave's FX Revo .22 PCP


I recently made a custom suppressor for Dave's FX Revo .22 PCP

Came out really nice, recessed at the rear to fit over the existing adapter. Finished in gloss black.




Internal Suppressor for an Air-force Falcon R0001 PCP .17



Below - Darwin's FX Typhoon 12 .22 over-barrel suppressor - resulting in around 80% noise suppression!

Before I made Darwin his suppressor - his FX was far too loud to target shoot in his back yard - in fact the sharp crack it put out would echo all over the place.

Now it's so quiet that he can safely shoot targets all day long - without upsetting or alarming even his closest neighbors.

I'd say that's pretty darn successful!




Over-Barrel PCP & CO2 Suppressors

Pictured below: Over-barrel suppressors for Air-Force PCP .22


Beretta Umarex .177 CO2 - Made in Italy

These are beautiful full-scale CO2 copy models of the Beretta. They put out a bit of a bark, and I reckon I can remove around 60-70% of the volume.

Here's the challenge, they can't be threaded - as they are made of pressed steel! The solution - make a custom threaded press-on adapter, thread protector and super-light and super-quiet suppressor.

All you hear is a quiet 'pop' when firing. Awesome!



PCP .50 Cal, 9mm, .22 & .177 Air Arms Over-barrel suppressors


I am currently making some suppressors for high-end - high powered PCP's.

Suppressors I will be making are for a .50 caliber PCP, a 9mm PCP, a .22 Air Arms PCP over barrel suppressor and a .77 Air Arms.

I've go to say, that it's a privilege to be working on such high class rifles. I am also confident that my experience and working tolerance of 1/100 of a millimeter will be in keeping with the high quality of these rifles.


.9mm PCP Air Powered Rifle


Photo #1 - Pre-assembly, showing threaded end-cap and front-cap with inbuilt, internal muzzle-brake and suppression port.

Suppressor wall is 3mm (heavier than normal 2mm) due to the enormous air pressure created by this enormous PCP air-rifle.

Photo #2 - Close up showing internal muzzle-brake and suppression spacer with flow-ports.

Photo #3 This front end-cap has been reinforced and secured with 4 retaining bolts/grub-screws.

Photo #4 - Threaded to match a rather unusual Korean 12mm pitch barrel




Over-barrel Air Force .22 & .17 PCP





Screw-on, removable and very light (125grams) over-barrel suppressor.


Extends 100mm over the end of the barrel (can be as little as 25mm!) and full over-barrel suppression.


Below Left: Air-Force Tallon .22.   Below Right .9mm PCP and over-barrel suppressed Air ForcePCP



Over-barrel Suppressors for .22lr, PCP, Co2 rifles and pistols

Your choice of inbuilt muzzle brake - external or internal.





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Warning: Copyright Law. NZ Copyright Act 1994: Although openly shared and published - all products, designs and modifications on this site are protected by NZ copyright law, especially and exclusively Sub-Silent Suppressors with INBUILT MUZZLE BRAKE - & Deci-Damp sound deadener: March 2008:


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