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Sub-Silent Suppressors | #1116 – Michael .22/250 custom over-barrel suppressor

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AK47 Carbon-Fibre Over-Barrel Suppressor and Muzzle-BrakeEvery suppressor or item I make is individually and custom made to the specs, purpose and style you want.

Right: Gareth’s AK47 was a fun and very successful project. Click photo to enter project in new tab.

Below: A nice .270 over-barrel suppressor that Tom helped design, pictured here with his partner and her very first Stag. Click photo to enter project in new tab.

.270 with Deer


I will make any silencer/suppressor to the specs you want. As long/short – heavy/light – custom anodized, carbon-fibre, kevlar, hand-grip, ported muzzle, custom etching and graphics, etc., etc. and we will be able to email each other with any of the photos, graphics or specs from my website and meld all of this into the perfect suppressor for your rifle, personality and shooting requirements – so together we can come up with something unique and special, or just keep it plain and functional. Whatever you want!


Below: I’ve worked on a few projects with Dave, and his latest suppressor is for his new Ruger .308. Click photo to enter project in new tab.

.308 with Deer

Below: For a good example of rim-fire suppressor construction, click photo to enter Andy’s custom .17HMR (.22Mag) suppressor page. Page will open in new tab.

Andy .17HMR suppressor with over-barrel shroud - 26

Below: A restoration project on Rob’s SKS 7mm08. Click photo to enter Rob’s project page in a new tab.

Rob sks 7.69 over-barrel suppressor - 16

Archangel Ruger Take-Down 10-22 - 33

Below: Some nice custom anodizing and graphics on Brent’s 22-250. Click photo to enter page in new tab.

Brent. Ruger 22-250 Over-Barrel Suppressor - 12


Using a precision dedicated barrel threading lathe, I can thread your barrel in a range of popular sizes, 1/2″ unf x 20 tpi, 1/2″ x 28 tpi (National Special), 14mmx1mm standard and also 14mmx1mm reverse thread (LHT), 9/16″ unf x 18tpi etc, etc.. If you’re not sure what size thread you want or need, don’t worry – as I am more than willing to help guide your decision.

Below: Ruger 10/22 barrel threaded 1/2″ unf x 20 tpi with custom thread protector

Stephen - Ruger Take-Down Silencer - 02

Below: Mike asked me to shorten, re-crown and thread his AR15 .223 barrel, and make a custom protector.

Mike AR15 Suppressor - 01

Below: Threading Over-Barrel Pistol Shroud 1/2″ unf x 20 tpi – magnified to show a nice crisp cut.

Barrel Threading - 02

Barrel Threading - 01

Below: I can thread your AR15 (AK47 or SKS) on my precision dedicated barrel threading lathe. All I need is the upper. No need to strip the barrel. Fluted barrels are no problem either. $55 – any thread you want – even reverse thread if you want – including free custom made thread protector.

Dave. Wyndham Varminter AR15 - 01

Below: Several custom barrels I have made and threaded for a Baikal MP-654K Makarov. MP-654K Makarov Ultimate Collector's Edition 2014 - 32

Below: An AR15 barrel I threaded 1/2″ x 28 tpi, and re-crowned. AR15 .223 Ranger - 24