Mike is a keen shooter and hunter with a range of calibers, including 22-250, 257 and .243. We have discussed the possibility of using the one suppressor with different over-barrel sealing units to interchange between each of the calibres.

To begin with, I will thread and suppress his 22-250, with Michael sending me the barrel and stock. 

One of the challenges with an interchangeable suppressor, is that I need to make it to the length of the shortest barrel, and also make the bore of the suppressor to clear the projectile of the largest calibre. However, I will make this first suppressor to fit the 22-250, and if Michael decides to adapt the suppressor to the other larger calibres, I can also modify the suppressor to fit. 

Specs: 225mm forward of barrel, 38mm diameter, over-barrel to within approx 25mm of fore-stock, threaded 1/2″ unf x 20 tpi, anodized in matte black with protion of hand-grip. 

 Right: Michael’s rifle barrel, turned to 12.45mm diameter, in preperation for threading. 



Left: Rifle barrel threaded to 1/2″ unf x 20 tpi.




Right: Custom thread protector. 



Left: Michael’s suppressor units freshly anodized.

Click photos to enlarge 



Right:  Matrix unit mounted on Michael’s rifle. 




Left: Matrix unit.




Right: Finished project, mounted on Michael’s rifle.

Note the center of balance, where the stand is located. This is the position of the shooter’s left arm/hand, and should be correct.



Left: Closer view of over-barrel suppressor.




Right: Suppressor from muzzle end.


This has been a good project, hopefully with the results Michael is desiring, specifically with keeping the point of balance, and manageable weight.