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Sub-Silent Suppressors | #1091 – Gamo .22 CO2 over-barrel silencer for Justin

Justin and I first made contact a year or two ago, regarding silencing his Gamo .22 CO2 rifle. Mounted with a Night Vision scope, Justin has pretty much eliminated the possum population around his home, and is now doing the same with the rat community!

Justin’s barrel is synthetic wrapped, that incorporates the front sight as part of the complete structure. The only way to thread and mount an over-barrel silencer is to remove the front barrel sight by hand, and the ‘ramp’ it sits upon. Having done this, I have hand-tapped an internal barrel thread (female) of 1/2″ UNF x 20 tpi.

Suppressor will be 34mm diameter, sealed unit, gloss anodized black, angle-cutaway at the front.

Left: Front sight and barrel band have been removed by hand. I will also spray this in silicon enamel black lacquer, once suppressor is finished.

Right: Threaded mounting unit. This piece is what the suppressor body will mount upon, it will also be covered by the suppressor body that extends over it, and along the barrel towards the stock. 

Left: Material from which I will make Justin’s custom over-barrel suppressor.

Right: Suppressor is assembled, balanced and aligned on Justin’s rifle barrel.

The threaded inside of barrel is not the strongest (being synthetic), and suppressor may need to be fastened to the rifle barrel via a retainer. However, it would be worthwhile Justin taking rifle away to test shoot for a few days first.

Left: Closer view of suppressor body with cutaway muzzle.

Right: Front view of suppressor with cutaway.

Left: Suppressor body nearest to the stock. I have made an over-barrel bush that is a sliding fit over the barrel.  This is important, as it is there and also at the threaded muzzle end of the barrel that the suppressor is attached and aligned.

Note: Justin will need to ‘finish’ the muzzle end of the barrel where I sanded the front sight off, as it is not smooth at the moment. I have left him to do this, as I honestly don’t have the time, and I am unsure how important it is for Justin, or whether he might decide to permanently mount the suppressor, meaning it would never be seen anyway.