The QB is my personal choice of back yard target and pest bird removal rifle. Easy to modify and customize, these CO2 powered rifles are able to be completely silenced – allowing you to shoot all day long with no-body to hear or get annoyed.



I have modified and owned many QB’s over the years, and they are amongst the most versatile and fun rifles I have ever owned.

Shown in negative photography, I had a lot of fun with this QB, including coating the entire stock in a special rubber process, increasing velocity, modifying trigger, bolt and threading for over-barrel suppressor, as well as adding remote line for the power supply.





Here’s a slideshow of  some of the mods I enjoy with the QB.







I honestly don’t like the standard QB bolt, and this is usually one of the first mods, making a new one.






I usually work my magic on the trigger as well, porting, polishing and lightening it.




I have also made my own CO2 tanks, as there is such a limited variety available commercially.


I can make my custom CO2 tanks in any size, length, anodized color or pattern to match the muzzle-brake and scope sun-shade.



I still have this QB, and have made a lot more modifications, including laser, torch, scope sun-shield, custom suppressor and CO2 Tank. I’ll put photos online ASAP.





It’s not that difficult to increase velocity from the factory 650fps, and in this case I am able to reach well over 800fps.




Custom CO2 Suppressor. Very nice.







I have modified and silenced many more QB’s and other CO2 powered rifles and pistols, and you can view customer specs from menu: Products & Services / Customer’s Specs.