I’ve owned a few 597s over the years, and have found the bolt action model to be the most accurate rifle I’ve shot.


In addition to the standard models, there is a wide variety of aftermarket kits and modifications. A selection of my mods and suppressors are below.








Have a second look at these Yellow Jacket 597’s, as they are all different projects.




Leon contacted me to make him a unique and special suppressor for his Remington 597 with custom stock and Volquartsen mods.


Seeing that his stock was laminated with yellow and black, I suggested an over-barrel in anodized gold to match and enhance the stock.


The result and outcome of this mod was better than I hoped for, with no expense or effort spared, even to the finish of the internal kits – suitable bead-blasted for optimal noise suppression and drag.


This photo is looking down into the body of the over-barrel suppressor, looking at the mounting kit that will thread onto the rifle barrel.




I have made many more 597 suppressors, both over-barrel , standard, muzzle-brakes and other mods.


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