Bottom of page – two videos, showing my custom PCP suppressors tested against the other world leading PCP

If you’ve never shot or owned a PCP rifle – you don’t know what you’re missing!

These a simply AMAZING rifles! My own PCP rifles are my favourite, and are just as powerful as my rimfire rifles.

PCP stands for Pre-Charged Pnuematic. This means they operate on compressed air – my own BSA PCP’s need 3400psi to reach their velocity of 1050fps and a massive 45fpe!

Once you understand the dynamics and performance of a PCP, you will understand that putting a Rimfire suppressor on a PCP is like putting diesel into a petrol engine – it just won’t work properly.

My custom PCP suppressors are made from a completely different design and material to my rimfires.

Video below – comparing three PCP suppressors, with my own custom units.