Eric recently bought a mint Marlin 39A lever action .22lr off my son’s father-in-law. I previously made a slimline suppressor for this rifle, but it was not sold with the rifle. Evan has asked that I make him another custom Slimline suppressor to fit.

Evan also has a Marlin Papoose (one of my favorite survival rifles) and has asked that I make a custom over-barrel suppressor. Eric’s Papoose is a very special kit, with steel barrel and receiver, but with an unusual classic wood stock and for-stock. Photos will be online soon. 

Update: Eric and his son Evan visited me at my workshop, and brought some amazing rifles with him – mostly under-leaver – all of them in pristine condition and magnificent rifles. 

Along with the Papoose (over-barrel) and Lever-Action .22lr (Slimline suppressor with male thread 1/2″ unf x 20 tpi) we have decided to also suppress his Rem 597 chambered in .22mag with an over-barrel suppressor.

Right: Eric’s suppressor projects.


Left. I removed the existing suppressor on Eric’s .22Mag, having been glued tight on the thread.

While this suppressor might look good, it is a terrible design, as there are only 4 suppression chambers. A magnum suppressor requires at least 12 chambers to work at optimum efficiency.  


Right: Suppressor internals for Eric’s Marlin SlimLine suppressor.



Left: This SlimLine suppressor has a special external thread.





Right: A very nice suppressor, at 20mm diameter with external thread.



Left: Eric’s .22mag with over-barrel suppressor.




Right: This is one of my best suppressor projects, and came out really nice. 




Left: Eric’s Marlin Papoose, with an equally nice over-barrel suppressor.



Right: Underneath the suppressor.

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Left: When taken-down, the suppressor fits perfectly into the Papoose bag. 


Three really nice suppressor projects.