UpdateHi. Welcome, and thank you for viewing this page. Paul’s center-fire suppressor was one of my very first center-fire suppressor attempts, and since then I have vastly improved both design and construction – especially for zero blow-back.

As you view further/future suppressor projects – you will see a much better and more effective suppression system, either mono-core (with around 5 internal suppression chambers) that is more suited to semi-auto rapid fire center-fire calibers, or full threaded and take apart using the traditional suppressor chamber and cone shaped washers, with up to 30 internal suppression chambers for maximum noise suppression.

A big advance was also in April 2014 when I upgraded all my engineering equipment, allowing a precision lathe dedicated to barrel threading only, as well two additional much larger lathes that are dedicated to producing hand-crafted fully threaded and take apart suppressors for all calibers and rifles. This original project for Paul was from before that time.

Paul’s original project is further down the page.

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Below are some more recent suppressor projects that may be of interest to you.

When it comes to the products most other gun-smiths and engineers have to offer, I am often reminded of Henry Ford’s advertising for his original production run of Model T Ford automobiles, “Any color you want, so long as it is black!”

Blood Splatter Rim-Fire - 05PageLines- Skulandfire-custom.22lrsilencer.jpg0054

- — ———– The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary, is just that little extra ———- — -

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Below: I love the different mediums and materials of carbon-fibre, alloy, ceramic and anodizing, and wanted to make something very special, that works even better than it looks. Click photo to enter project in new page.

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Below: I’ve been very ill this year. Back on steroids and felling (a bit) better, so wanted to make something very special for my rim-fire rifles. Click photo below to enter page in new tab.

Micro-Pattern - 32

Below: Some nice custom anodizing and graphics on Brent’s 22-250. Click photo to enter page in new tab.

Brent. Ruger 22-250 Over-Barrel Suppressor - 12

Below: I always like to have one of my own projects on the go, as I work with customers to design and complete their own projects. For the last few months I’ve been playing with some ideas for my AR15 .223. I’ve made the suppressor with carbon-fibre wrap – to match the shoulder stock, but also have done some cool custom anodizing and hand-etched graphics that can be seen if the carbon-fibre sleeve is removed. Note: Machine-gun string of bullets is for display only, although it is actually quite easy to adapt any AR15 to full auto. Click photo below to enter project in new tab.

AR15 - Carbon-Fibre - 33

Below: Gareth and I have been working on his AK47 for a couple of years, as he brings it back for more modifications and improvements. This has been a fun and very successful project. Click photo to enter project in new tab.


Below: Introducing my new range of Custom airsoft Silencers, Muzzle-Brakes and Threaded Barrel Adapters – all fully custom anodized in the color scheme to match your gun or club motto. Below is an absolutely beautiful M&P compact pistol silencer project. Click photo below to enter project in new tab.


Below: Sam has asked me to make the smallest effective muzzle-brake for his 22-250 center-fire. This was a new design construction, and very effective. Click photo to enter page in new tab.

Sam - Papoose and 22-250 Suppressors - 20

Below: I’ve made several suppressors for Dave, and he takes great delight in the awesome response he gets from his mates when he shows them off. This is our latest project, a .308 Ruger. Nice Spiker, Dave! Click photo to enter page in new tab.

Dave - Ruger .308 Over-Barrel Suppressor - Deer - 02

Below: I’ve made several suppressors for Sam over the years, and he normally likes them as small and compact as possible. The latest project was his AR15 .300 Cal Blackout. Click photo to enter project in new tab.

Sam - Papoose and 22-250 Suppressors - 30

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Below is Paul’s original suppressor projects.

Update: The over-barrel suppressor didn’t work out for Paul’s rifle, for several reasons.

We have now decided on an end-mounted unit.

Left: Paul’s end-mounted suppressor. We have decided to make it a sealed unit. I still need to insert O-ring inserts into each end of the Matrix unit, and then secure the retaining studs to prevent any gas leakage.

Right: I have fitted O-rings to the internal Matrix system, with two on the mounting end to ensure zero chance of blow-back.


I first met Paul several years ago, and bought my first PCP from him – being a BSA Hornet in .22.

Paul just contacted me again, to order an over-barrel suppressor for his Howa 1500 .223 heavy barrel rifle.

Specs we decided upon: 38mm diameter, 225mm forward of barrel, barrel shortened to 19.5″ and threaded to 1/2″ unf x 20 tpi, matte black anodizing.

Target completion date: Saturday 8th October 2011.

Left: My first job was to strip Paul’s rifle, shorten barrel, re-crown, thread to 1/2″ unf x 20 tpi and make a custom thread protector.

Right: Threaded barrel.


Left: I know it doesn’t look like much, but this is the piece of solid rod from which I will craft Paul’s internal suppression system. In the photo I have bored and threaded it.

Right: Paul’s suppressor items, ready to be sterilized, anodized and the assembled/fitted to Paul’s rifle.

Left: Finished project.

Right: Looking VERY nice.

Left: Closer view of suppressor.

Right: Clean and tidy lines.

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