Update: The over-barrel suppressor didn’t work out for Paul’s rifle, for several reasons. 

We have now decided on an end-mounted unit.

Left: Paul’s end-mounted suppressor. We have decided to make it a sealed unit. I still need to insert O-ring inserts into each end of the Matrix unit, and then secure the retaining studs to prevent any gas leakage. 


Right: I have fitted O-rings to the internal Matrix system, with two on the mounting end to ensure zero chance of blow-back.




I first met Paul several years ago, and bought my first PCP from him – being a BSA Hornet in .22.

Paul just contacted me again, to order an over-barrel suppressor for his Howa 1500 .223 heavy barrel rifle.

Specs we decided upon: 38mm diameter, 225mm forward of barrel, barrel shortened to 19.5″ and threaded to 1/2″ unf x 20 tpi, matte black anodizing.

Target completion date: Saturday 8th October 2011.


Left: My first job was to strip Paul’s rifle, shorten barrel, re-crown, thread to 1/2″ unf x 20 tpi and make a custom thread protector.



Right: Threaded barrel.




Left: I know it doesn’t look like much, but this is the piece of solid rod from which I will craft Paul’s internal suppression system. In the photo I have bored and threaded it.


Right: Paul’s suppressor items, ready to be sterilized, anodized and the assembled/fitted to Paul’s rifle. 







Left: Finished project.





Right: Looking VERY nice. 






Left: Closer view of suppressor.





Right: Clean and tidy lines. 




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