Ben owns a 597, one of my favorite rifles, and has asked that I craft him a super-quiet over-barrel suppressor.


Specs: Barrel threaded 1/2′ unf x 20 tpi. Over-barrel suppressor 34mm diameter, over-barrel to the stock, 185mm forward of stock, finished in mil-spec grade anodized rich black. I will also do some trigger mods for free.

Right: Ben’s barrel threaded 1/2′ unf x 20 tpi






Left: Ben’s sear, polished to a mirror finish.






Right: Suppressor body specs for Ben’s 597 over-barrel suppressor.



Left: Although not very clear, the suppressor body is anodized in a rich dark black that can change to deep green in the right sunlight, with threaded mounting unit, reverse-flow venturi spacers and silicon over-barrel suppression unit.



Right: Finished and mounted on Ben’s rifle barrel.








Left: Over-barrel sealing unit.





Right: Suppressor muzzle end.