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Sub-Silent Suppressors | #942 Custom 30/06 Muzzle-Brake for Kevin

Kevin has requested I make him a custom muzzle-brake for his 30/06, similar to one I made a while ago for another customer, as in this photo.

Right: I have aligned Kevin’s rifle barrel at top-dead-center, fitted a ‘blank’ muzzle-brake and marked the angles and positioning of the portings.

CLICK photo to enlarge.

Left: The ‘blank’ muzzle-brake ready to be ported and milled.

I have gone for a slightly different configuration in the muzzle-brake for a couple of reasons. Firstly Kevin’s barrel threading is longer than normal, meaning that the muzzle portings cannot come as close to the barrel end. Also, remembering the feedback I received from the previous customer who Kevin wanted me to replicate, that his muzzle-brake produced far too much counter-force and actually gave too much muzzle-lift resistance and recoil, meaning it actually pushed the barrel downwards and pulled it away from the shooter.

Anyway, Kevin – if you don’t like the design, I can make you one closer to the specs you indicated.

Right: Photo showing one side of the muzzle-brake with 8 ports each side, being a total of 16 muzzle-portings.

Left: A nice top view of the muzzle-brake.

Muzzle-brake is not yet finished, and can be anodized in Kevin’s color of choice.

Right: Kevin’s muzzle-brake – anodized and mounted on his rifle barrel.

Left: Muzzle-brake is aligned at top-dead-center on Kevin’s barrel.

Right: It is a good idea to carefully insert a suitable screwdriver through both sides of the muzzle-ports and use it to gently tighten, loosen and align the muzzle-brake to the barrel. Just be careful you don’t scrape or damage the anodizing finish.

WARNING: Kevin, I am not sure if you have ever shot a center-fire with muzzle-brake attached before, but you need to be ready for the volume of the blast that is now diverted sideways through the muzzle-brake portings. Please shoot carefully, and make sure that you have effective hearing protection. Also, be prepared for a change in muzzle-lift and recoil. Sometimes the muzzle-lift can be quite effective, even too effective and cause a negative responsive, meaning it could actually direct the barrel/rifle downwards.

I haven’t shot your rifle with muzzle-bake attached, so am unsure on the effect and result. I just want you to be safe and satisfied with you new muzzle-brake.

Let me know directly if you have any questions.

Regards. Rog