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Sub-Silent Suppressors | Marlin (Papoose) Suppressors VIDEO

I’ve owned literally dozens of Papoose rifles over the years, and they are amongst my favourite take-down rifle, and I always keep one in my back-pack when out tramping or shooting, for that opportune varmint shot or some serious plinking and target fun. 

One of the best things about the Papoose, is how quiet I can get it. I’ve modified and suppressed more Papoose rifles than I can count over the years, and know the exact specs to design and build you a custom over-barrel suppressor – with a wide variety and range of options for you to choose from, ensuring not only the quietest silencer, but one that looks exactly as you want it to be. 

Right: Some serious modifications on a customer’s Papoose – full over-barrel suppressor with ported shroud, 3-9×40 compact optics,  twin mounted Cree lights and one very powerful laser. This baby is absolutely silent with subs. Click photo to enlarge.

The Papoose is an excellent little take-down rifle I’ve had heaps of fun tuning and modding them over the years.

Many times I’ve been tramping or bush crashing, having an opportune shot present itself, and within seconds being able to take the Papoose out of my back pack, screw the barrel into the receiver, and landed the shot precisely.

Stealth is the beauty and advantage of the Papoose, not just its visual take-down ability, but once suppressed – in its volume and noise as well.

Photos and video below are of just some of my mods and personal rifles.

My first job is always to cut a clean crisp thread, usually 1/2′ unf x 20 tpi.



Following the threading, I begin crafting the internal chambers, spacers and units.  Most of my Papoose suppressors are over-barrel, and the photo to left is one of the main units, especially the mounting kit with through-flow ports. When the gas/noise exits the rifle barrel, it is diverted backwards into the over-barrel chamber.

These kits have been anodized in gold.




Depending upon the requirments of the customer, I will craft a range of other internal suppression kits – including internal muzzle-brake that strips away any disturbed and tumbling air behind the projectile, and several reverse flow venturi kits that force the hot gas and noise into a spiral vortex pattern within the suppression chambers.




It is at this time that I also craft and insert the inbuilt muzzle-brake (if required by the customer.)





Photo to Right:  A clean crisp standard screw on Papoose Suppressor.





Photo to Left. I modified and kitted this Papoose with a more military style, with full over-barrel suppressor and ported shroud, and inbuilt muzzle-brake.




Papoose over-barrel suppressor to right. It might have classic lines and style, but the internal porting and chambers are the latest in rim-fire research and development.


Like many firearm barrels, the Papoose is tapered externally.


To capitalize this feature, I make a synthetic spacer that is .5mm smaller than the diameter of the barrel just before the Papoose barrel nut is located. When the suppressor is inserted over the barrel and tightened onto the rifle thread, the other end (where this synthetic spacer is located) presses up tight to seal onto the barrel, forming a completely sealed over-barrel suppression chamber.



This was a mint Papoose I kitted out. It intended on keeping it for myself, but a customer made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. This Papoose has matching Scope Sun-Shield and Suppressor Muzzle-Brake, as well as both being cut-away.





Being fully removable, the over-barrel suppressor is able to fit inside the Papoose soft-case for storage and transport.