Greg has a really nice Marlin .22 Magnum that he’d like threaded and a custom over-barrel suppressor made and fitted.


Right: Really sorry to have put the wrong name on my whiteboard.  Anyway, here is the base material from which I will make Greg’s custom over-barrel suppressor. I will make it a mix of my Matrix system and reverse flow venturi units – as in photo.




Left: Closer look at Greg’s suppressor internal units.





Right: Suppressor finished and mounted on Greg’s rifle barrel, threaded to the larger 9/16 x 18 tpi.




Left: Some nice forward porting on Greg’s custom suppressor.






Right: Suppressor mounted on Greg’s rifle barrel, showing the synthetic over-barrel kit that seals over the barrel making one large suppression chamber.




Left: Closer look at the end-mount unit on Greg’s suppressor. The white fiber is from the tissue I used to clean it :-)

2 Responses to #938 – .22 Magnum over-barrel suppressor for Greg#

  1. rodney says:

    I would like a silentsuppressor for my QB78 and QB79

  2. Dennis says:

    I want a suppressor for my 22 savage magnum for coons and coyotes