I recently made a .223 suppressor for Jean, and as a result his friend Peter has asked I make him a custom over-barrel suppressor for his Rem 597.

I’ve owned a few 597s over the years, and have found them to be one of the most accurate rim-fires, and able to be effectively suppressed.

Specs for Peter’s suppressor are:

  • Rem 597 over-barrel suppressor
  • 200mm over-barrel
  • 100mm forward of barrel
  • Matte stainless finish
  • Full hand-grip
  • Tuned for hypers
  • Rifle barrel threaded 1/2; unf x 20 tpi
  • Fully take apart
  • Thread protector

The important thing to understand, is that no suppressor in the world can remove the sonic crack, as this occurs outside the barrel and suppressor, often around two meter away. However, my suppressor will be very quiet with subs, and as quiet as physically possible with hypers.



Right: In anticipation of Peter’s 597 barrel arriving, I have made a start on his suppressor.




Left: Closer view showing Peter’s anodized suppressor barrel, multiple suppression spacers and reverse-flow venturi units.


Looking very nice!


Right. I realised that Peter wanted his suppressor finished in matte silver. No probs, and here she is, bead blasted in matte silver.


Peter’s suppressor, looking nice mounted on his 597 barrel.