Hi. Welcome, and thank you for viewing this page. Ron’s suppressor was one of my very first center-fire suppressor attempts, and I have to admit, the mono-core suppression system was not very successful. However, as you view further/future suppressor projects – you will see a much better and more effective suppression system, either mono-core (with around 5 internal suppression chambers) that is more suited to semi-auto rapid fire center-fire calibers, or full threaded and take apart using the traditional suppressor chamber and cone shaped washers, with up to 30 internal suppression chambers for maximum noise suppression.

A big advance was also in April 2014 when I upgraded all my engineering equipment, allowing a precision lathe dedicated to barrel threading only, as well two additional much larger lathes that are dedicated to producing hand-crafted fully threaded and take apart suppressors for all calibers and rifles. This original project for Ron was from before that time.

Below: A more recent center-fire suppressor project :0)

AR15 - Carbon-Fibre - Collage

AK47 Carbon-Fibre Over-Barrel Suppressor and Muzzle-Brake

Below: Compact over-barrel suppressor AR15 .223Sam - Papoose and 22-250 Suppressors - 30

Below: End mounted AK47 suppressor. Robert Ruger 10-22 & Norinco 7.69x23 - 21

Below: Two matching carbon-fibre over-barrel suppressors, in .243 and .2707mm08 and .243 carbon-fibre over-barrel suppressors - 01

Divider - 01

Below: Original project for Ron.

Ron has asked that I make a custom over-barrel suppressor for his Ar15 in 9mm.


Incorporating my Matrix Technology, this will be an impressive project.

Right: My first task is to cut a crisp thread on Ron’s barrel – due to being a 9mm caliber, this thread needs to be larger than normal. I have made it 14mm x 1mm.

Left: Two of Ron’s barrels, in 9mm and 7.62×39.

Right: Ron had a bit of a problem with his 7.62×39 barrel, splitting near the muzzle, and has asked that I re-thread and re-crown.

Left: Ron’s 7.62 with a crisp new 9/16 UNF thread and re-crown.

Right: Custom over-barrel suppressor internal unit, with multiple internal ports. Literally a matrix of chamber portings.

Left: Mounting kit with flow-through porting into the over-barrel portion.

Right: Suppressor finished and mounted.





Left: This is where the suppressor seals over the barrel, forming the over-barrel chamber.  Although it is a sliding fit over the barrel, I like to also seal it.