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Sub-Silent Suppressors | PCP Projects & Silencers
My favorite rifle in all my collection is my PCP.BSA 01

Photo to right is my very first PCP in 2005, a BSA Scorpion. Extremely accurate and powerful, shooting at just under 1050 fps .22 lead. Although an incredible rifle, it was one of the first generations of PCP and the rotary magazine would continually jam, you had to ‘prime’ the lever at the front of the stock by pulling it back for each shot, and instead of a normal ‘bolt’, it had a rod at the back of the receiver you had to pull back and then return forward for each shot.  However, despite all the above, it was still an amazing shooting machine, and I will always endeavor to have a PCP as a cherished part of my rifle collection.

This photo was actually had an important part in developing my web-site and engineering. I had posted it on a forum and a person replied by saying what an excellent photo and composition. It encouraged me to learn and experiment more with photography, which has been a big part of my engineering display and marketing.

As of October 2010, PCP rifles have now been classed as requiring a Fire-arms license (FAL)). I totally support this law change. I think it might be the demise of PCP rifles in NZ. I own one, and it is extremely powerful in .22, but also very expensive at around $1,700 for the rifle and accessories. Now that a FAL is required to own one, it makes better sense to buy a semi .22 firearm for $500+. The main reason they were so popular is due to their power, & not requiring a FAL. While there are still some advantages in using a PCP, such as pest control in confined spaces – there are also very low velocity .22 ammunition that is just as safe and quiet. It will be interesting to watch what happens.

While Nitro powered air-rifles have started to become more and more popular, and can be as powerful and accurate as a PCP, they are still ‘break-barrel’ single shot, as compared to many PCP which are multi-shot. It is possibly this difference (single-shot vs magazine) that has contributed to PCP rifles requiring a FAL, and Nitro not.

Regardless of their popularity going into the future, the PCP remains one of my favorite rifle of choice around the home and where pest removal is required, but where a firearm would be illegal and/or dangerous.

They are amazing rifles – with more than enough power and extremely accurate.
Here is a really nice nice custom made PCP silencer that I made recently.


25mm diameter sealed unit
215mm length
30 individual internal suppression pieces
Air-craft grade aluminium
Military hand grip
Bead-blasted body
Threaded standard 1/2′ unf
Up to 95% suppression!