My favorite rifle in all my collection is my PCP.

UPDATE: NZ October 2010:

PCP rifles have now been classed as requiring a Fire-arms license (F.A.L.). I totally support this law change. I think it might be the demise of PCP rifles in NZ. I own one, and it is extremely powerful in .22, but also very expensive at $1,700. Now that a FAL is required to own one, it makes better sense to buy a semi .22 firearm for $500. The main reason they were so popular is due to their power, & not requiring a FAL. While there are still some advantages in using a PCP, such as pest control in confined spaces – there are also very low velocity .22 ammunition that is just as safe and quiet. It will be interesting to watch what happens :0)

They are amazing rifles – with more than enough power and extremely accurate.
Here is a really nice nice custom made PCP silencer that I made recently.


25mm diameter sealed unit
215mm length
30 individual internal suppression pieces
Air-craft grade aluminium
Military hand grip
Bead-blasted body
Threaded standard 1/2′ unf
Up to 95% suppression!