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Below: Ruger Evolution II custom end-mounted silencer with side-ways venting muzzle-brake / air-stripper. 

Evolution II Silencer - 04


Right: Click photo to open Gary’s project page in new tab – full 10/22 over-barrel silencer. 

Left: Ruger 10/22 full over-barrel silencer, in brushed stainless finish, and two-toned fully anodized. 




NOTE: Most of the updates for this page are now under the directory: Ruger Evolution 10/22 Suppressors.

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My own 10/22 is one of my most favourite rifle. Lightweight, accurate and ideal for rapid semi-auto fire – making it a great night gun for possums and rabbits.



Just like individual rifles prefer specific ammunition, so too can make a custom silencer for the specs and requirements you are desiring. 



The Ruger 10/22 is arguably the most common and versatile rim-fire rifle in the world, possibly due to its reliability and complete range of aftermarket parts, modifications and accessories.

While the above is all true, the 10/22 shares the drawbacks of all semi-auto rifles, mainly a loss of accuracy and increased noise even when suppressed due to the semi automatic cycling of the firing mechanism – as compared to the more accurate and quiet bolt action rifles. Having said that, my own 10/22 is one of my most versatile and fun rifles to shoot.


Right: My Ruger fitted with Slim-Line suppressor. The feedback I’ve had with these Slim-Line suppressors is amazing.

I’ll let you into a secret about my 10/22.  I am a big fan of Star-Trek (see my microscopy pages), and I think my scope, laser and torch configuration resembles the look of the Space Ship Enterprise.



Here’s a nice over-barrel I made for a customer.




One of my Limited Edition Koru Design suppressor.

Customers purchase these suppressors as works of art, never intending to mount them on a rifle.



As requested by a customer, a matching pair of 10/22 suppressors, one for him and one for his best friend!



One of my best and fororite 10/22 suppressors.

This unit is so nice that I plan on keeping it for myself. However, what usually happens is a customer offers me a price I can’t refuse.





I have made countless suppressors for the 10/22 and invite you to view photos and specs from the menu selection above Products and Services / Customer Specs.


Follow the progress of this 10/22 custom project build.







Left: Ported and threaded barrel laid out with the suppressor body and internals.

You can see that the turned over-barrel portion of the barrel has been blued for protection, as well as the thread.



Right: Clearly showing the beauty and engineered art of the main suppressor unit (tapered unit) and the secondary suppression spacer.

The primary unit is hand polished to a mirror finish and then type II anodized in my workshop to produce this brilliant and metallic finish.



Left: Main mounting chamber with flow through porting to allow the hot gasses and noise to be channelled over the barrel into the main chamber.



Right: Two interlocking reverse flow venturi units.






Left: Mounting kit has been threaded onto the rifle barrel, to give an idea of where and how it will work once fully assembled.



Right: Barrel is now mounted on my own Ruger 10/22.


For full and easy instructions on how to remove and install a Ruger 10/22 barrel, see menu option above.



Left: Barrel and suppressor – ready to be mounted on my 10/22.




Right: Finished project. VERY nice!





Left: Beautifully styled and balanced.




Right: Brilliantly anodized in matte black and fire red.





Left: Primary suppression unit can be seen through the muzzle-brake portings.




Right. Military hand-grip installed.




Left: Nicely balanced and tapered to the barrel diameter nearest the stock.







Ruger 10-22 takedown - over-barrel silencer - 20

Thomas AR & Anshultz over-barrel silencers - 20

Ruger 10-22 takedown - over-barrel silencer - 07

Ryan - HMR over-barrel suppressor - 01

Rim-Fire Brushed with Muzzle-Brake - 08

Rim-fire splash - 29

David - 10-22 and 7mm08 project - 04

Fi - 10-22 over-barrel silencer and sun-shield - 05

Fi - 10-22 over-barrel silencer and sun-shield - 04

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John - Ruger 10-22 over-barrel silencer - 11

Julian - CZ .22lr over-barrel suppressor - 03

Des - Ruger 10-22 custom silencer - 04

Kerry - Ruger 10-22 over-barrel silencer - 12

Cameron - end-mounted silencer - 01

Tim - Ruger carbine over-barrel suppressor - 05

Desire' 10-22 over-barrel suppressor - 10


Michael - 10-22 custom over-barrel suppressor - 05