Kevin asked that I make him a custom over-barrel suppressor for his 30-06, that can also be used on his .22lr.

I will make the suppressor to be able to withstand the immense ballistics of the 30-06, and also make an additional over-barrel synthetic spacer that can be installed to make the suppressor to work perfectly on Kevin’s .22lr as well.

Left: Two examples of engineering art and precision in Kevin’s over-barrel suppressor.

Right: Showing the opposite side of the mounting unit that screws onto the rifle – with through-flow porting, and the smaller item that will be located at the muzzle end of the suppressor.

Left: Black end-cap with separate ported retaining unit.

Right: Suppressor finished, with .22lr adapter and optional suppressor shroud.

Due to the immense ballistics of the 30-06, I have made the over-barrel sealing unit out of alloy, and this will require the barrel to be wrapped with thread-tape where it clamps over the taper, to prevent scratching the barrel.

I have made the adapter for the .22lr to be 17.65mm diameter.  This is smaller than the diameter of the barrel, and will require this synthetic unit to be carefully warmed in either hot water or with a heat-gun / hair dryer – so that it can be easily pressed over the barrel.