Tom has a really nice .270 wsm. (Browning Titanium) and does a lot of hunting in Fiordland.

Noise isn’t a problem, but recoil is.

After some discussion together, I have been able to offer the design and lightweight specs that Tom is after.

Specs: Threaded 1/2′ unf x 20 tpi, 25mm diameter, tapered to exact barrel diameter, multiple ports, anodized and military hand-grip.


Made from one piece of 6000 high tensile solid rod, Tom’s muzzle-brake has been hand-ported, threaded and military hand-grip installed.


Close up of Tom’s custom muzzle-brake.




Muzzle-brake is tapered towards barrel diameter.



My only concern with this project, was the trigger blade.

While dissembling the rifle, I noticed a fracture near the bottom of the trigger. On closer inspection, the trigger appears to have been repaired, as two small shafts were inside the trigger casting.

It then became clear that the lower part of the trigger had been made/replaced with an entirely different metal than the rest of it.

I have made a trigger shoe and inserted it behind the trigger. No charge.