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Nick asked that I thread his Marlin .17 HMR and make him a suppressor that can also be mounted on his .22lr.

Specs: 34mm diameter, 250mm length, 24 port inbuilt muzzle-brake, 20 internal suppression ports, reverse flow venturi units, tapered to barrel diameter. Anodized in matte black with red end.

Right: Cutting a nice crisp 1/2; unf x 20 tpi thread.



Left: Nick’s HMR with nice Kevlar pattern stock.



Right: Finished suppressor – looking mint on Nick’s HMR.


Unfortunately my anodizing station decided to fail on me today, meaning that while I was able to anodize Nick’s suppressor in matte-black with red end, it is not as effective as I would have liked and came out a little to shiny, which is a problem for Nick and he mounts a spotlight on his scope for night shooting.

My solution is to finish the suppressor in a nice matte black silicon enamel coating.