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Sub-Silent Suppressors | # 883 – Marlin .17 HMR. Nick

Using a precision dedicated barrel threading lathe, I can thread your barrel in a range of popular sizes, 1/2″ unf x 20 tpi, 1/2″ x 28 tpi (National Special), 14mmx1mm standard and also 14mmx1mm reverse thread (LHT), 9/16″ unf x 18tpi etc, etc.. If you’re not sure what size thread you want or need, don’t worry – as I am more than willing to help guide your decision.

Below: Ruger 10/22 barrel threaded 1/2″ unf x 20 tpi with custom thread protector

Stephen - Ruger Take-Down Silencer - 02

Below: Mike asked me to shorten, re-crown and thread his AR15 .223 barrel, and make a custom protector.

Mike AR15 Suppressor - 01

Below: Shayne asked me to shorten his barrel, re-crown and thread – with custom made thread protector.

Barrel Threading and Re-Crowning

Below: Threading Over-Barrel Pistol Shroud 1/2″ unf x 20 tpi – magnified to show a nice crisp cut.

Barrel Threading - 02

Barrel Threading - 01

Below: I can thread your AR15 (AK47 or SKS) on my precision dedicated barrel threading lathe. All I need is the upper. No need to strip the barrel. Fluted barrels are no problem either. $55 – any thread you want – even reverse thread if you want – including free custom made thread protector.

Dave. Wyndham Varminter AR15 - 01

Below: Wyndham Varmminter AR15 .223 fluted barrel, threaded 1/2″ unf x 20 tpi.Dave. Wyndham Varminter AR15 - 02

Below: 1/2″ unf x 20 tpi on a Ruger 10/22 barrel.

Marlin Papoose - 03

 Below: Having threaded the barrel on a customer’s 10/22, I am now removing the front sight mount. Ian, Ruger 10-22 FULL carbon-fibre over-barrel silencer - 03

Below: Turning barrel for a full over-barrel silencer. Ian, Ruger 10-22 FULL carbon-fibre over-barrel silencer - 04

Below: .308 barrel threaded 1/2″ unf x 20 tpi.Amit .300WSM over-barrel suppressor - 04

Below: Suppressor fully threaded and take-apart. Marlin Papoose - 09

Below: Synthetic over-barrel sealing bush. Marlin Papoose - 02

Below: Threading on a custom Marlin Papoose project. Lukus 300 Whisper & Papoose - 07

Below: Threading on a custom splash anodized suppressor. Quietest .22lr Over-Barrel Silencer - 07

Below: Several custom barrels I have made and threaded for a Baikal MP-654K Makarov. MP-654K Makarov Ultimate Collector's Edition 2014 - 32

Below: Threaded barrel for 7mm08.Jason .270 and Ruger 22-250 - 05

Below: Facing off a barrel after I have threaded it 1/2: unf x 20 tpi. Jason .270 and Ruger 22-250 - 02

 Below: An AR15 barrel I threaded 1/2″ x 28 tpi, and re-crowned. AR15 .223 Ranger - 24

Below: AR15 barrel, threaded 1/2″ x 28tpi and target-crowned.AR15 .223 Ranger - 23