Pistol Graphic


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Below: Even my trusted old Crosman repeater has has a ‘make-over’.

6 shot Crosman 02

6 shot Crosman 03

6 shot Crosman

Below: Some pretty decent fps with this .177 blow-back repeater.

Pistol 03

Below: Baikal MP-654k ‘Makarov’. These pistols have almost a cult following. They are excellent pistols made from a decent grade steel.

Rev. Rog Baikal Makarov mp-654k - 08

Rev. Rog Baikal Makarov mp-654k - 11

Below: Ruger Mark II in .22lr cal. with a custom muzzle-brake I made for a customer. Peter - Ruger Pistol Muzzle-Brake - 11Below: Zoraki Ultra with custom threaded barrel shroud and carbon-fibre silencer.
ZORAKI HP-01 Long Barrel ULTRA - 23

Pistol 10

Walther - 102