Pistol Graphic

Rev. Rog Baikal Makarov mp-654k - 09

 I am doing an increasing amount of pistol suppressors and muzzle-brakes, and having a bit of fun with my own pistol projects.

Left: My own Baikal Makarov MP-654k. Click photo to open project page in a new tab.  


  Right: My own Zoraki HP-01 Long Barrel Ultra.  Click photo to open project page in new tab.



Peter - Ruger Pistol Muzzle-Brake - 01


Left: A customer’s Ruger 2245 pistol muzzle-brake. Click photo to open project in a new tab. 



Right: Compact over-barrel silencer for a customer’s Walther P22 with barrel isolating tube.



Barrel adapter and suppressor I made for a Uramex .22 CO2 powered





Even my good old Crosman had a make-over.





This pistol was heaps of fun!




Hmmm, well this project didn’t turn out as expected – with a customer from America requesting a simple muzzle-brake arangement to replace the front pistol sight unit. Unfortunately he posted the sight unit to me, and then customs and the police were involved.



A nice shrouded pistol suppressor




Some mods to my Daily 15tl, including remote feed, barrel adapter, suppressor and velocity increase.






Some of my testing and modification tools.




Please view menu option: Products and Services / Customer’s Specs for more pistol suppressors



Rev. Rog Baikal Makarov mp-654k - 08

Rev. Rog Baikal Makarov mp-654k - 11

Peter - Ruger Pistol Muzzle-Brake - 11
ZORAKI HP-01 Long Barrel ULTRA - 23

Pistol 10

Walther - 102