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Sub-Silent Suppressors | Inter-Locking Silencers / Kits / Wet-Fire Adapters

I first began making inter-locking silencer modules in 2008. This was my first attempt, and they only got better as the design and construction developed and improved. To be honest, I only designed and began making them because I was bored one day :0)

Inter-Locking Silencers - 02

Below: I decided to present them as PCP Inter-Locking Silencer Modules, although they work exactly the same on rim-fire. It’s just that I was enthusiastic about PCP’s at that time :0)


Note: This ‘kit’ was just the result of some ‘engineering fun’ I had  – when I got a bit bored several years ago (2008).  I’ve also recently added photos of some fun I had developing a ‘Wet-Fire’ threaded adapter – with photos below.


Welcome to my range of inter-locking suppressor kits, available in Rim-Fire, CO2 and PCP configuration.



This suppressor system is able to be adjusted to your shooting situation or requirements, adding more modules for better noise suppression, and/or muzzle-brakes and even wet-fire module.

Starting with the main body kit, you are able to add additional muzzle-brake, wet-fire kit, additional suppression and enhanced accuracy.




Threaded to standard rifle thread of 1/2′ unf, each unit is able to be added to another, to a maximum length of 275mm






Supplied in a hand-crafted wooden case, this is an elite addition to the most discerning collector and sportsman.

Below: Pictured with my BSA PCP .22

Box of suppressors 04

Box of suppressors 03

Inter-Lock Silencer 01

Inter-Lock Silencer 08 - Copy

Inter-Lock Silencer 06 - Copy

Inter-Lock Silencer 04 - Copy

Inter-Lock Silencer 03 - Copy

Below: I even had some fun experimenting with ‘wet-fire’ adapter kits, and included water-soluble oil in the kit, as this would not rust or harm any steel parts of the rifle, but also encouraged customers to remove the adapter when storing the rifle in its safe.

Wet-Fire adapter kit 05 - Copy

The idea was that you could fit the wet-fire adapter directly onto your rifle barrel, and then mount your existing (or more of my silencer modules) onto the end of the adapter. My theory was that ‘noise’ was kinetic energy wanting to be converted/express itself in that way, and that if it could instead encounter the ‘fluid’ before converting to noise, it might instead convert to vapor. I think there is some theory that a ‘cold’ silencer works better than a hot one, as the cold silencer also prevents the ballistics from converting to noise – by keeping it cool.  I’m an engineer and theologian – not a scientist, but I still like to experiment :0)

Wet-Fire adapter kit 10 - Copy

Are the ‘wet-fire’ kits effective? I honestly don’t know. I only made them because I was bored and wanted to have some fun :0)

Wet-Fire adapter kit 11 - Copy